Tiger Bread


A twist on our classic tiger bread with a dusting of ground pepper to finish this loaf.

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The ‘tiger’ pattern baked into the top is made by painting rice flour & sesame oil paste onto the surface of the loaf prior to baking. The paste reacts with the lactic & acetic acid (a bi product of the fermentation process during the proving period) and cracks during the baking process. The rice paste crust also gives this bread a distinctive flavour and aroma! a twist on our classic tiger bread a dusting of ground pepper finishes this loaf.

Serving Suggestion: Perfect accompliment to a cheeseboard enjoyed with a glass of port or a good red wine

Allergy Advice!

Allergens in (BOLD)

White Flour (GLUTEN), Sour Dough, Yeast, Salt, Water, Sesame Paste (SESAME), Black Pepper, Vegetable Shortening.

(made in an environment with NUTS and SEEDS)